As marketers we crave knowledge on what compels customers to buy the products we sell. Then we want to know how we can influence that customer, and new customers, to purchase more.

After a successful marketing campaign we will seek improvement the next time – and key is to understand what element(s) made it successful. In affiliate marketing we ask: Was it the product? The affiliate? The commission level? The consumer offer? The product placement?

There are so many variables to source, sort, and make sense of that account managers often don't know where to start.

Whether client-side or heading up the agency, I've always been impatient to know more: Who is my top trending affiliates? Which affiliate performed the best in our last mid-season sale? Where are the gaps in my programme? Where are competitors succeeding where I'm not? What sales trends am I missing? And ultimately which affiliates sells the most of our top selling product?

The need for this instant data – to assist clients, grab insight, and draw conclusive numbers to understand performance – led my talented team at 7thingsmedia to produce Affiliate Manager Plus.

Affiliate Manager Plus offers immediate sales data, campaign and gap analysis, an affiliate hierarchy, and more.

In short, its insights are an over-arching analysis on clients' business; a universally robust performance-in-affiliate-marketing report.

With all-encompassing and instant data at their fingertips, our account management team are now free to use their marketing knowledge to optimise campaigns and strengthen client and affiliate relationships rather than doing sums and spreadsheets.

Please do get in touch if you would like to learn more on our exciting new product launch.

Chris Bishop
Founder & Managing Director
0207 017 3190