Partnering with a number of technical analysts who trend markets in the financial sector, 7thingsmedia's Affiliate Manager Plus pulls a ream of client information via affiliate network or tracking APIs to form the basis of reports, analysis, and forecasts, whilst illuminating margin, product, affiliate, and seasonal campaign data.

The propitiatory software – which utilises SOAP and WSDL open source standards – will allow 7thingsmedia's award-winning team to reinvest efforts from the involved process of reporting to further build affiliate relationships and service clients to produce greater campaigns; based on data findings.

Affiliate Manager Plus main benefits include:

  • Reporting automation
  • Provide instant brand and affiliate gap analysis
  • Rapidly scale affiliate campaigns with prospecting tools
  • Reliable sales pattern checking, affiliate segmenting and forecasting
  • Insightful product-level data to allow Account Managers to optimised accordingly
  • Campaign tagging and management
  • Ease-to-use client-facing returns/de-duping tool

Get started today

The first phase of the product will be released exclusively to 7thingsmedia's affiliate clients.

Brands that want to get started today with Affiliate Manager Plus please contact the team at 7thingsmedia on 0207 017 3190 or email